Namaste Village

We Are Here Because You Are Here

Our culinary journey that began nearly 2 decades ago was seasoned with a desire to bring the absolute truest flavours of India to Norwich. Located in the heart of Norwich, Namaste Village takes you on a sensory voyage exploring the taste and textures of Indian cuisine.

Experience the warmth of traditional Indian hospitality, with flavours and fragrances that take you back to the culturally rich streets.

Our Street Food Specials

Chilli Gobi
Chilli Lime Mogo
Masala Puri
Namaste Specical Dosa
Surti Papdi Chaat

our indian roots

cookery School

Learn to cook what you love

A step-by-step demonstration that explores the fundamentals of Indian cooking, including spices, procedures, cookware, and simple Indian dishes.

Namaste Bazaar

When cooking at home, our founder Chef Mrs. Urmila Jetani is often found picking vegetables from her backyard garden and grinding whole spices and herbs on a stone griddle to make her traditional spice blends. The composition of these spice blends are passed down from generation to generation and are at the heart of every Indian household. Such blends or pre-made masalas for different dishes are commonly found in spice markets across India.


Be it personal, family or professional, most functions are incomplete without some or a lot of food. As a business run by family, we understand this too well & are by your side whether it's a happy moment or a difficult one to take care of your catering needs.

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