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Namaste Village

Roots that run deep…

Indian cuisine is as diverse as its people, traditions, and the country itself. From the spice fairs in the north to the abundance of the south, the rich Mughlai cuisine of the central mass to the exotic tastes of the east and west, the land of India has a palette full of flavours to celebrate.

But the true Indian sentiment that makes any nook comfortable is the shared experience of culture. As the masalas mingle with each other in braising pots, people from all walks of life and cultures leave their differences at the gate to dine, drink and dish out conversations together. The brewing relationships as people break bread together are very close to our Indian heritage; this is why we celebrate traditions and engage in festivities, to rejoice in our shared love. Food is the heart of India, and Indians know it.

our story

It all started when Vijay Jetani and Dalsukh Jetani moved to the UK to pursue their education back in 2006 when at the time, there weren’t many authentic Indian restaurants and cafes, and the ones that offered Indian cuisines were either not authentic Indian or were not pure vegetarian restaurants. The idea of bringing pure vegetarian authentic Indian food to the UK led to the formation of Namaste India in 2010. Namaste India, a small restaurant at the time, served authentic Indian cuisines made with the culinary expertise of Urmila, Vijay’s wife.

The next phase of the revolution began in 2016 when Ketan Vaghasiya joined the team and together the Gujaratis shaped the idea of Namaste Village, an authentic Indian vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Marking another footprint on the map of England, we got a beautiful space for Namaste Village at a former church hall on Queens Road in Norwich. Coincidence or destiny, the architect of this listed building was a vegetarian too. The place has since been redecorated to exude an Indian flavour while maintaining the heritage of the building. Namaste Village is about bringing the flavours of homemade Indian food prepared with authentic spices and skills passed on throughout generations. Urmila has carefully tailored and mastered these homegrown vegetarian and vegan recipes that utilize traditionally used Indian spices and techniques.

Of course, what helped shape Namaste Village into what it is today is the Norfolk community. We are forever indebted to Norwich, for opening up and welcoming us with its huge generosity. As familiar faces and hearty smiles enter through the gates, we are warmed by the unshakable support instilled by the people of Norwich. We shall continue to honour this love with congenial smiles and with gratitude in our hearts, as we bring the truest and unmistakably pure and authentic Indian food to Norwich’s palette every day. Thank you, fellow Norfolk.


Vijay Jetani & Urmilaben Jetani
Ketan Vaghasiya
Chef Dalsukh Jetani

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