Namaste Village
Taking you on a flavour tour of India at a location of your choice.

The corridors fill up with rustles of flowers that dance together, the winds are excited to be filled with the chatter and celebration, and there is a whiff of traditional Indian spices in the air as the smiling faces and busy hands in the kitchen stir braising pots of delicacies and roll out the dough to make naan bread. When it comes to your special event, we take the responsibility to bring pre-eminent hospitality along with delicious traditional Indian food seasoned with joy and love in the air. When you trust Namaste Village, we honor it like you are family.


We have catered authentic vegetarian & vegan Indian food for a variety of events, including but not limited to weddings, receptions, funerals, birthday parties, corporate gatherings, religious ceremonies, house-warming parties and anniversaries. IWe pride ourselves as being a place where ‘Meat Is Never Missed’ and our customer reviews stand as a testimonial to this. Our traditional yet progressive menu features plant based and high protein meat substitutes that will leave you surprised and satisfied. Our catering menu includes Gujarati, North Indian, South Indian & Indo-Chinese food choices & can accommodate dietary requirements.

Most importantly, we offer tailor made packages that fit your budget, match your taste needs and are bound to make long-lasting & delicious memories.


Even when Namaste Village was just an idea, it was clear that we wanted it to be a place where the local people & communities can to come together in large numbers, make beautiful memories and take away a bit of us in these memories.

Imagine our joy when a couple walks in to give their kid his/her very first Indian curry experience and Namaste Village is infact the very place where they got married. Instances such as these are pure joy!

Each of our locations offers a seating capacity of close to 100 people or more. They come with the required technical setup and flexible layout to match your event's need. As a venue we have hosted events like weddings, reception parties, corporate town halls, charity fundraisers, and more.


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