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Why the Cookery School ?

The fact that the staple diet in India is essentially vegetarian and vegan is easily lost with a score of Indian restaurants serving meat-focused menus. Indian cuisine has a vast repository of vegetarian and vegan delicacies, and it is in fact easy to prepare a delicious meal using different kinds of grains, beans, lentils, and vegetables with a basic understanding of spices, preparation, and flavours. Cooking Indian food may seem intimidating, with the complex nature of flavor profiles and the wide variety of required spices and ingredients. At Namaste Cookery School our sole objective is to demystify this myth!

Our Classes

Join us for an engaging cookery demonstration that will teach you the secrets of Indian home-style cooking so that you are confidently able to prepare a delicious Indian meal in your own kitchen. Our classes are suitable for all levels of ability, whether you’re new to Indian cooking or you’d like to build on your skills, there’s lots to learn.

Classes are held on the fourth Sunday of every month, from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon. After a warm introduction over some hot drinks with the chef, you’ll embark on a journey exploring the diverse cuisine of India. You will learn about the versatile ingredients (Did you know that with chickpeas alone you can make so many appetizers & curries?) and spices (Did you know that two different spices – Mace & Nutmeg, come from the same fruit). We make sure that all the ingredients we provide for the class are either seasonal and easily available or are available on Namaste Bazaar. Our recipe booklets will be provided for you to take home and practice the recipes to impress your loved ones with what you learned at Namaste Cookery School.

At the end of the class, you are free to enjoy the dishes you have prepared and explore Namaste Bazaar to buy any ingredients that you need. Using the freshest ingredients is the key to getting your Flavours just right! Your family and friends can join you at this point for free.

There’s a Bazaar section at each of our restaurants. Feel free to visit this when you are visiting us to dine or just pop in to shop really.
The good news is, Namaste Bazaar will soon be launched online and will deliver across the UK.

Group Booking


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Book Group

Be it your friends & family or a corporate team, we can create a bespoke menu packed with cookery lessons that can be a great fun event and learning experience for your group. Our professionally trained chefs and event coordination team will work together to bring an experience that is authentic, interactive & is memorable for every participant. Use the contact us form to reach us for your corporate or group booking.

Gift an Experience

Surprise your friends & family on their special days with a Namaste Cookery School gift voucher. You have the choice to get a digital or a physical voucher. Each voucher comes with a unique code. When booking cookery classes, the voucher is redeemed by entering this code. The cookery classes are held on the fourth Sunday of each month. A perfect gift that your loved ones will cherish forever.


Chef Urmilaben Jetani
Chef Dalsukh Jetani
Chef Vaibhav

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