Namaste Village

Charity, especially food charity, run deep in our roots and is enriched with our Indian values. Aiding to solve World Hunger is a cause we at Namaste Village are very passionate about. We have received immense love and support from the Norfolk community in Norwich over the last decade that we want to give back with unfeigned sincerity and genuinety with our initiative called ‘Dosa on the Wall’.

What is this charity about ?

Dosa on the Wall is our charity initiative to offer free, healthy and nutritous meal to anyone who is in need of it and ask us. We encourage our patrons and customers to donate £5 (or as many as you wish). We match up your donations equally to make it one free meal, roughly the price of our Masala Dosa

How it works?

Once you donate, a sticker is displayed on the restaurant window & anyone in need of a meal can use this to claim one for free. This person could be from all walks of life, simply in need of a meal, without losing his/her dignity. We hope that you will share your kindness & good karma with another needy member of our great city.

Serving through thick & thin

This charity initiative, with your kind support has always enabled us to feed the ones in need of a meal. We strongly believe that the character of people or initiative comes out in the most turbulent of times. The advent of COVID-19 and its effect across people, professions & communities was a test of our belief & inclination towards the objectives of Dosa On The Wall. We are proud to say that Namaste Family distributed more than 3000 meals via the NHS supporting the MEALSTONES Scheme, donated meals to people who lost their jobs or were self-isolating or were in any other advsere situation.

And the mission goes on

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