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Namaste Village

Namaste Bazaar

“The first step of cooking, a simple but important step is picking fresh & authentic ingredients. This in itself is a strong layer of base Flavours, and you can then confidently build upon it & elevate the dish’s flavour profile. The Indian spices that brought the west & rest of the world to India’s shores centuries ago still hold their own and coupled with a traditional recipe their inclusion in Indian style cooking is the touch of authenticity.”

We source our spices for Namaste Village from the heart of India’s regional spice markets, grind them in-house and make our own spice mixes. Through Namaste Bazaar we want this purity, trust, and authenticity to be accessible to anyone who wishes to buy Indian spices online. For all those looking for ready-made spice mixes made from a rich and authentic array of Indian spices, we offer a selection of blends in fresh batches. Our pure & naturally aromatic spices add an elusive touch of flavour to everyday meals.

There's a Bazaar section at each of our restaurants. Feel free to visit this when you are visiting us to dine or just pop in to shop really. Find genuine hand made Indian handicrafts, decorative items, herbs, spices & much more.

The good news is, Namaste Bazaar will soon be launched online and deliver across the UK.

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